Current CLIC Visiting Researchers

Sara A. Goico

UC President’s and NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA

Fields of Study
Linguistic Anthropology, Conversation Analysis, Deaf Studies

My research focuses on the organization of language and interaction in contexts with limited shared language. I primarily rely on ethnographic fieldwork combined with the microanalysis of video recordings of naturally occurring interactions. Over the last ten years, I have conducted fieldwork in Iquitos, Peru with deaf youth who have not had access to an established language. Along with my research activities, I worked with the Iquitos community to establish a deaf school that now provides these children with access to language. An ongoing research project investigates language socialization in the deaf school. While at UCLA, I will be spearheading a new study with deaf preschoolers in Southern California to examine the relationship between language delay and social interaction.


UCLA Appointment
Summer 2019 through Fall 2021