Current CLIC Visiting Researchers

Amparo Garcia-Ramon

amparo.garcia-ramon [at]

PhD Student at University of Valencia, Spain

Fields of Study
Conversation Analysis, Pragmatics

My Ph.D. project explores how particular individuals manage epistemic asymmetries in spontaneous conversations, broadcast interviews to experts and politicians and sociolinguistic interviews.


UCLA Appointment
Fall Quarter 2017

Simon Bierring Lang

simon.lange [at]

PhD Fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Fields of Study
Conversation Analysis, Health Interaction, Linguistics

My PhD project focuses on applying insights from conversation analytic research as a basis for developing training programmes for staff in professional organisations. The data used in my project is video recordings of video mediatied conversations between health care professionals and patients.


UCLA Appointment
Winter Quarter 2018

Daisy Parker

d.e.parker [at]

PhD Student at Exeter University, UK

Fields of Study
Conversation Analysis, Mental Health, Primary Care

My PhD aims to develop an intervention that helps family physicians to more effectively communicate with patients who are experiencing psychological distress. I am using conversation analysis to develop and assess the intervention, focusing on question design, diagnosis and treatment decisions.

UCLA Appointment
Spring Quarter 2018

Xue-li Yao

hdyaoxueli [at]

PhD Candidate at Shandong University, PRC

Fields of Study
Conversation Analysis, Health Communication, Pragmatics

My present study focuses mainly on formulations in psychiatric interviews. Using the method of Conversation Analysis, I try to find out the use and function of formulation in helping the psychiatrists to collect the relevant information and make diagnoses and in helping the patients to exert their agency.

UCLA Appointment
Fall Quarter 2017, Winter Quarter 2018 & Spring Quarter 2018