CLIC maintains a small lending library of video and audio equipment for CLIC affiliated students actively working at the intersection of language, interaction and culture. If you are a CLIC affiliated student and need recording equipment, please send a description of your project, the time you need the equipment, basic equipment needs (e.g., 2 cameras; 1 audio recorder), and your advisor’s name. Depending on current availability we will attempt to (but cannot guarantee) help. All equipment loaned out remains CLIC property.

To complete your application, please email the CLIC Coordinator ( with the following information:

1. An outline of your project, including definite start and end dates for the equipment loan, a summary of the equipment needed, location(s) of data collection, and a description of your proposed research project. Please also state from which department you’re applying and your stage in the graduate program, as well as who your faculty sponsor is for this project.

2. Request that your faculty sponsor (CLIC Executive Board or Affiliated Faculty) email a letter of support to the CLIC Coordinator.

Please direct any questions to the CLIC Coordinator via email at