Getting Around LA

When you arrive to Los Angeles International Airport, please feel free to take a taxi, shuttle, or ride-share (e.g., Lyft) to the UCLA Guest House. CLIC will be happy to reimburse you for this expense.

UCLA Guest House Address:
330 Charles E. Young Drive East,
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1466

UCLA Departments of Sociology & Anthropology Address:
Haines Hall, 375 Portola Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1551

UCLA Campus Map

Map of Westwood

Places to Eat

Haines Hall is a 5-minute walk from the Guest House. Westwood Village is a 20-minute walk from the Guest House. There are many options for food and coffee both on and off campus. CLIC can reimburse invited guest speakers for taxi, shuttle, or ride share between UCLA and LAX. However, university policy greatly restricts reimbursement for other use of taxi, shuttle, or ride share services. If you have questions regarding transportation and reimbursement policy, please contact the CLIC Coordinator at kmontiegel [at]