Expense Reimbursement (Domestic)

Invited speakers may request reimbursement for eligible business expenses while traveling to Los Angeles. However, due to university policy there are some blanket caps and restrictions. This page has been set up to help you quickly navigate the UC Travel Reimbursement system. Eligible business expenses include:

  • Transportation by train, taxi, ride-share, or shuttle between home and local airport (up to $75)
  • Transportation by taxi, ride-share, or shuttle between Los Angeles International Airport and UCLA (up to $75)
  • Gas reimbursement between home and UCLA if driving from neighboring city (e.g., Santa Barbara or San Diego)
  • Meals purchased by the speaker on or adjacent to the date of the colloquium (daily maximum $71, please save your receipts)

To request reimbursement for any of the above expenses, please submit a Reimbursement Request Form including receipts to our CLIC Coordinator Kristella Montiegel. The request can be submitted in person or by email to kmontiegel [at] ucla.edu

CLIC will pay directly for other business expenses, so there is no reimbursement process. These expenses include airfare, accommodation, and lunch and dinner on the date of your colloquium.